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visual art at heARTbeat

Visual Arts

Painting And Drawing

Ages 5-12

In this imaginative and colorful journey, young artists will explore visual expression through various mediums such as watercolors, pencils, and markers. Through guided activities, students will learn basic techniques while fostering their artistic confidence. From mastering basic shapes to creating their own masterpieces, this class provides a nurturing environment where young minds can flourish.


Create Together

Ages 1-3

You and your little one will explore the wonders of art together. Through a variety of hands-on activities, sensory experiences, and guided art projects, this interactive class encourages artistic expression while fostering important developmental skills such as fine motor coordination and sensory exploration. Parents and toddlers will embark on an imaginative adventure, creating treasured memories and beautiful masterpieces side by side. Come spark your child's creativity and nurture your bond in this art class tailored for the youngest artists among us!


Media Exploration

Ages 5-12

Media Exploration explores multiople medias such as pottery, prints, and fiber art. From vibrant collages to imaginative sculptures, participants will embark on a creative journey that encourages self-expression and experimentation.Join us for a multi-sensory experience where every young artist discovers the joy of combining colors, textures, and forms.


Petite Picassos

Ages 3-5

Preschoolers will explore a variety of artistic mediums and techniques while unleashing their creativity. Through guided projects and free-expression activities, students will develop their fine motor skills, learn about colors and shapes, and gain confidence. Every child will be supported to express themselves through art. Join us as we paint, draw, sculpt, and create wonderful works of art.

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