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dance at heARTbeat

Visual Arts


Ages 5-18

Designed to ignite a love for movement and artistic expression, this class caters to dancers eager to explore the grace of this classical dance form. Our ballet program combines foundational techniques with imaginative choreography, fostering creativity and discipline in a supportive environment. Students will develop strength, flexibility, and poise while discovering the joy of storytelling through dance. Join us on a delightful journey where every plié and pirouette brings out the inner dancer in your child, promoting physical fitness, self-confidence, and a lifelong appreciation for the art of ballet.


Hip Hop

Ages 5-18

Dive into the world of hip hop. This class introduces the basics of hip hop, from cool moves to rhythmic patterns. Students will learn fundamental steps, body isolations, and engage in age-appropriate choreography that promotes self-expression and creativity. Hip Hop class is the perfect opportunity for them to embrace the joy of dance and have a blast moving to the beat!

Tap Dance Class


Ages 5-18

An energetic and engaging class. Young dancers will learn the fundamental techniques of tap dance while exploring rhythm, coordination, and creativity. Students will develop their musicality and tap skills, fostering a sense of confidence and joy in their movement. Get ready to shuffle, flap, and stomp your way through tap class.


Preschool Dance 

by Tippi Toes

Ages 2-6

Looking for even more great dance classes? Tippi Toes is the go to for Toddler & Me. Baby Ballet, & BTJ classes for the littles. Click the link above to be taken to the Tippi Toes site to sign up! We can't wait to see you.

Tap Dance Class

Musical Theater 

Ages 12+

Designed for dancers of all levels, this class blends the energy of jazz with the storytelling flair of musical theater. From Broadway-inspired choreography to dynamic jazz movements, participants will learn to express emotions through dance. This class focuses on technique, style, and the joy of performance.

Young Dance Students
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