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theatre at heARTbeat

Visual Arts


Adventure Club

Ages 5-8

Tailored for kids in grades K-2. Through imaginative games, creative storytelling, and playful role-playing, young performers will build confidence and communication skills. Students will be guidedehem in exploring the basics of acting, fostering a love for self-expression. From engaging drama games to charming mini-productions, this class offers a fun-filled environment where every child's unique creativity shines on stage. Join us for a curtain-raising experience that ignites a lifelong appreciation for the enchanting world of theater!

Childrens Show



Ages 9-12

Specially crafted for the imaginative minds of 3rd to 5th graders! In this dynamic journey, young performers will dive into the world of theater. Students will unlock their creativity and build essential acting skills. From improvisation exercises to exploring diverse characters and scenes, our experienced instructors will guide these Stage Explorers in discovering the magic of the stage. Through a mix of fun games, collaborative activities, and scene work, participants will gain confidence, expressiveness, and a deep appreciation for the art of acting.

Kindergarten Show
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